Terms & Conditions

1. All quotes are an estimate and may vary once job is completed. Please advise prior if you are working within a budget.     

1.2 HCC takes no responsibility if you as the customer change your mind during design process, causing more time then originally

budgeted/quoted. You will be charged accordingly.  We understand that this does happen at times and we encourage if the original is not coming together. Please be aware that this may result in more time spent in design.

2. A NON-RUFUNDABLE $50 deposit may be required prior to work commencing. This will be deducted off your total invoice.        

2.1 If you pay a $50 deposit and cease work rule 3-3.1 will occur.


3. If work ceases on your behalf and has not commenced within 14 days, it is HCC policy to invoice for time spent in design to date. This invoice will be issued and payment is required within the terms stated on the invoice.     

 3.1 If design is ongoing, HCC may choose to leave invoicing until completion.

4. If you fail to make payment by invoice due date, we will send you 2 reminders. If failing to make full payment after the final reminder, we will hand over your invoice to a debt-collecting agency at your full expense.     

4.1. If you are unable to make full payment by the date stated on the invoice, a payment plan might be structured. If failing to                      Meet these guidelines your invoice will be handed over to a debt-collecting agency.       

4.2 If we are required to hand over the unpaid invoice to a debt collecting agency, any fee’s that occur are required to be paid by the customer with the outstanding invoice.

5. All designs and proofs are strictly copyright to Hewitt Consulting & Communications.     

5.1 Once designs are completed, you will receive the completed design in 4 file versions; JPEG - PNG - EPS - PDF.  If any other formats are required there may be a fee involved.  

6. No files will be handed over until full payment is received.     

6.1 Files may be released if proof of payment is provided. Only if HCC is comfortable doing so. Each circumstance me vary.

7. If HCC is unable to complete your design due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, we will make contact and come to an agreement, which will suit both parties.

8. HCC may be required to adjust, change or add to these Terms & Conditions.