Let's talk about the process and how we can get started on your design and what you need to do. 

Each design is unique and different from the last, but each process is pretty much the same. 

We need to have a chat with you, get a feel for your business or product, what you like and don't like. If you have any special requests or ideas. Then from this we establish a direction and get to work. 

We design a proof and go over it wit you, from here we build it together. We take on board your requests, likes and dislikes. We tweak little by little until it's absolutely perfect and sings to your heart! 

On completion we provide each logo file in a JPEG, PDF, PNG & EPS version. For adverts, we provide a JPEG & PDF Version. If you require any other files, please let us know so this can factored in to the price. 



As we've stated, each logo is different and it's hard for us to quote. Each logo design is generally between $450 - $650. 


FULL A4 PAGE ADVERT  I  $280.00 - $350.00 

HALF PAGE A4 ADVERT  I  $150 - $220 

1/4 PAGE   I   $60 - $120


We offer Bull Sale & Horse Sale Catalogue design services. Please contact us if you'd like more information about pricing. 


Each design varies and we will need to chat to you to get some more specifics.  Generally the price ranges around $330 - $550


From custom trucker caps, baseball caps, bucket hats to tumblers and everything in between, We offer the ability to source, design and manage custom merchandise orders.  Please contact us for more information. Minimum orders are generally 100 depending on the product and design.